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Kids Soft Toothbrush with Biodegradable Plant-Based Bristles - 4-Pack

$19.99 $23.96

Meet the newest members of our family!

We've worked hard to reduce our environmental footprint so our multipack of 4 toothbrushes now comes in 1 box! 1 of each color - pink, green, white or naked.

Our toothbrushes have the same great look and feel AND now they have biodegradable, plant-based bristles! The bristles are made from corn and tapioca.

All toothbrushes have a 100% Bamboo Handle.

Our toothbrushes come sealed in a 100% biodegradable/compostable cello wrap made from wood and cotton pulp.

When you order you can choose to have it sent without the box! Another bonus for the environment! Please put NO BOX in the comment section when you order.
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